JWTIntelligence – 10 Trends

Trendspotting. What do you think of these? What is missing?

My thoughts on new consumer trends:

~mobile everything (e.g., services)

~consolidation of online accounts

~small is big

~global communication (less word brands, more symbols)

~Chinese, Indian, Brazilian brands on the rise

~more experiential marketing

~more measurability


~movement from traditional model image in fashion advertising to more relatable people

~indy vibe-effortlessly cool images

~transparency is expected

~social media is expected

~cultural fusion trends in food and fashion

Social Media and e-Dating Lecture

E-Dating is taking over the dating world.

My dissertation in 2006 helped understand this online phenomenology. Now, a colleague has a great idea to start a new kind of e-dating–without the stigma of the word “dating”. It is group based meet-up centric. In beta testing- GroupWink

Welcome the founder, Dustin. Please prepare questions for our class discussion.

Guest Speaker Resume:

Dustin Maxey Resume

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