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Here is a sample of top ad agencies (worldwide) based on revenue from recent years. For research on ad agency’s use of websites sites, you may refer to our studies:

Finney, R. Z., Richard D. Parker, and Angeline G. Close (2004),”The Agency in Cyberspace: A Content Analysis of Ad Agency Homepages,” (Extended Abstract) Journal of Contemporary Business Issues.

R. Zachary Finney and Angeline G. Close (2006), “The Virtual Agency,” E-Commerce, E-Government and Mobile Commerce, Idea Group Reference, Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, ed. (ISBN# 1-59140-799-0), p. 1158-1162.

R. Zachary Finney and Angeline G. Close (2008), “The Virtual Agency as a New Force in the Promotions Industry,” Electronic Commerce: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications, S. Ann Becker, ed. (ISBN# 978-1-59904-943-4), p. 2240-2246. *Reprint of Finney and Close (2006)

Ad Agency Sites

Who is the most creative? ::Who specializes in what area? ::Which would you most like to work for?

R&R Partners

Mccan Ericson


J Walter Thompson

Omnicom Group

Young & Rubicam


Olgivy and Mather

Saatchi & Saatchi

Leo Burnett


Wieden & Kennedy


Interpublic Group of Companies

WPP Group


Richards Group



Grey Global Group


22 Squared




TMP Worldwide

Carlson Marketing Group

Goodby Silverstein


Protocol Marketing Group


Daiko Advertising

Tokyu Agency


Cheil Communications

George P. Johnson Co.

Select Communications

Advertising Resources


Ad Critic

Advertisement Ave

Bad Ads From The Good Ol’ Days

Brazilian Ads

The Ad Council

Ad Slogan Hall of Fame

Advertising Educational Foundation

Advertising Mascots Archive

Advertising Archive, Ltd.

American Marketing Association (AMA)

CPM Calculator

Commercials I Hate!

Hartman Center for Advertising & Marketing History

The History of Advertising Trust

Interactive Advertising Bureau

Library of Congress

PR Museum


Superbowl Ads


Advertising Management …Through the Lens of Branding

Chapter 1 The World of Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion

Chapter 2 The Structure of the Advertising and Promotion Industry: Advertisers, Agencies, Media and Support Organizations

Chapter 3 The History of Advertising & Brand Promotion

Chapter 4 Social, Ethical, and Regulatory Aspects of Advertising and Promotion

Chapter 5 Advertising, Integrated Brand Promotion, & Consumer Behavior

Chapter 6 Market Segmentation, Positioning, and the Value Proposition

Chapter 7 Advertising and Promotion Research

Chapter 8 Planning Advertising & Integrated Brand

Chapter 9 Managing Creativity in Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion

Chapter 10 Creative Message Strategy

Chapter 11 Executing the Creative

Chapter 12 Media Planning Essentials

Chapter 13 Art Direction and Production

Chapter 14 Media Planning_Advertising and IBP in Digital_Interactive Media

Chapter 15 Sales Promotion, Point-of-Purchase Advertising, and Support Media

Chapter 16 Event Sponsorship, Product Placements, and Branded Entertainment (Advertainment)

Chapter 17 Integrating Direct Marketing and Personal Selling

Chapter 18 Public Relations, Influencer Marketing, and Corporate Advertising

Ad Campaigns

As you judge campaigns, consider:

  • Layout/design
  • production strength
  • message clarity to target market
  • innovation
  • ingenuity
  • cohesiveness
  • overall effectiveness

(to change attitude or behavior)  How does it measure up to these?

Budweiser: The King of Beers

Brahma: Na Na Na Na!

Sonic: Introducing Breakfast

Pepsi Co.: A Pepsi Legacy

Mitsubishi: Wake Up and Drive!

M&M’s: Ogre-Sized Shrek

Limited Co./Victoria’s Secret: Angels

Heineken: The Interceptor

Geico: Gecko

Gatorade: Is It In You?

Diesel: Style Lab

Diesel: Style Lab

Corona: Escape

Coca-Cola: The Real Thing

Chic-Fil-A: Eet Mor Chikken!

Charmin: Mr. Whipple